Public Safety

Greensville County is serious about public safety, recruiting and training the best and brightest in the County for police, fire, and rescue services.

Police Services

Police protection and law enforcement services are provided by the Greensville County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff W.T. Jarratt, Jr. has served Greensville County since 2015 and leads the services provided by the Sheriff’s Office including police patrol, investigations, courthouse security, civil process, and communications.

The Sheriff’s Department includes 33 full-time staff members, including 20 deputies, eight dispatchers, four court personnel and one administrative personnel. The Sheriff’s Office works closely with the City of Emporia Police Department and the Virginia State Police, completing over 11,000 calls for service and processing nearly 2,000 warrants in 2013 alone.

Fire & Rescue Services

The Greensville County Fire Department provides emergency services to Greensville County and the City of Emporia, including one paid and 50 volunteer firefighters and nine pieces of fire suppression equipment.

Additional fire and rescue personnel are available from the Jarratt Volunteer Fire Department, based in the nearby Town of Jarratt. This 25-person volunteer squad includes ten emergency medical technicians, four cardiac technicians, and five fire and rescue units.

The Greensville Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc., is made up of 40 trained emergency medical providers. The squad has served the Emporia-Greensville area since 1963 and the Squad is certified by the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services to provide Advanced Life Support care.

Lifestar Ambulance Services also operates in the area, providing highly trained, 24/7 personnel to assist with ambulance and transport services within the community.

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